Need to add Utility Bar Above Main Navigation

I’ve inherited a site built in Webflow and I’m completely new to the platform. The client wants to add a utility top bar above the site’s main navigation that has social links, a phone number, and a button that leads to the contact form. But I can’t figure out how to add this to the site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi JoAnn,

Welcome! I was in your shoes a few months ago so you have my sympathies. Webflow is very powerful but can be tricky to get your head around.

For starters, can you provide a “read-only” link to the site so we can see under the hood? There’s instructions for that here: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Here’s the link: Webflow - Plus One Robotics

Thank you!

Hi JoAnn,

Sorry for my delay on this! It looks like this site is in good shape so you shouldn’t have too many issues adding the element you need. If it were me I would simply add a new div at the top of page-wrapper and style it to have the content you need. If you need it to stick to the top like the main navigation, you could add it within the Nav symbol.

If that’s confusing I would recommend the Webflow Crash Course video series. They’re pretty quick and concise and do a pretty good job explaining how to use Webflow.

Thank you, @heycorgi. I’ll give this a try.