Need sticky div

Hi all,

Watched the webinar from July 7th looking for info on getting a side element on my pages to become sticky on scroll. Got the part about adding the sticky.js code to the footer code so I added the code from this site.

“descriptiondiv” is the class name of the element I want to be sticky.

I have also named the element I want to stick as ID: .descriptiondiv

This is all I have done so far, though I’m sure I’m missing something else. What to do I need to do next?

Any tips are useful.

Thanks a ton,

Hi @Spencer_Carlson, thanks a lot for the update. Can you share a screenshot of the elements in question and the read-only link to your site in design mode?

That will help to get a solution to this faster :slight_smile:

There is also a demo in the Demo kit that may help with setting up an element to be “sticky”.

Folder: Navigation
Page: Sticky Navigation

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