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Need some help with this php script to call an element from a website

I figured out a possible strategy to do what I need, however I am not sure exactly how to plug everything in.

One of the webflow staff posted this:

But I’m not sure the correct method to plug everything in. The code he posted is:

function loadContent(url, targetSelector, contentSelector) {
    var target = $(targetSelector);
    $.get(url, function(data) {
        target.html($(contentSelector, data));


$(document).ready(function() {
	$('#load-content-please').click(function(e) {
		loadContent('awesomepage', '#load-here-1', '#copyme')
	// even more clickable stuff to load content here...

so my question is, I need to call an element to load from this link: so what parts of this link and the actual element go in here: url, targetSelector, contentSelector?

Thanks for your help!

original post edited for clarity.

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