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Need some help and guidense on a third party integration like Spond

Hey all you amazing Webfowers!
I need a little help. I’ve been contacted by someone looking for something similar to that can be integrated in Webflow… or if I know someone who are able to develop an app working similar to Spond. Do you guys have any suggestion for this?

Do you have a functional specification?

Hi, @webdev .

My English is not so good, so I don’t know how to explain this in a simple and easy way. A potential customer contacted me, asking me if I could create an app, He is running his own Physio therapist clinic, focused on atheletes. Footballplayers in particular. So what he would like to have, is an app he can offer to football clubs … these clubs also have several teams, and each team got to reach out to their players and the childrens parents. My client want to be able to send out information about good work outs to the clubs/teams/players, to prevent players to get hurt during practice or matches. Team leaders should be able to communicate with players/parents, they should also be able to se a calender for my custumoers workout program, or team leaders ‘Next Practice’ or’ Next Match/game’ or other events. Team leader should be able to communicate in a way that he can organize parents to drive children back and forth to matches. Each team should be able to create some sort of competition… like… how many times can you kick the ball before it falls on the grown… and who in the team got the record. My customer should be able to get paid for his app services from the clubs/teams. Each team need a login. Each team and each player should have their own private portal. Team leader should be able to send out invoice for membership costs, and also reminders and push notifiactions.
I’m guessing there is a lot more, but this is what I came up with at the moment.

I’m thinking it should be something similar to this:


Why would you consider using webflow for an app project needing features webflow does not possess?

I work this way on projects under 50k.
No budget, no conversation.
No spec? No way to bid without plain guessing.
Want me to do the research? Great, I charge consulting fees for time.
Want me to write a fully functional spec? Great, I charge consulting fees for time. How much time will it take? We need to do some research. See the previous sentence.

Oh wait, says potential client," I just want to know how much it will cost?". I say bye-bye.

Reminds me of a guy who asked a contractor, “How much will it cost to build me a house”? Contractor says “Send over the plans, I will take a look”. Potential client says, “I don’t have any plans, I went to an architect and he wanted lots of money for a custom design. Can’t you do that?”.
Well, you get the idea.