Need some feedback on my first design!

I’m making a website about tracking how people work, but specifically people who work in churches. It’s similar in format to My Morning Routine and The Sweet Setup.

I like simple, modern designs. I hate the first section, but I feel like I need something at the top instead of just jumping in to the posts.

I also feel like there’s something missing. It’s almost too minimal. I don’t know. I’d love to know what you think.

Without having any thoughts about your business or what it is you you want communicate the site looks nice and clean. But it is also only dummy content so it hard to tell if the design will actually work with actual content and appeal the those who find and visits your site.

For a designer it is very easy to just start designing(I do it myself) and then we fill with content after the design I finished. Thats also the method when working with Wordpress and browsing the internet for a suitable theme.

With Webflow you could have another approach, content first. Make simple wire frames and fill with content. When content is ready you could start designing around the content.

Check this newly released video from @Ran_Segall

Also check this blogpost from Webflow about this:

Good Luck and as I said the design you made looks nice and clean so far =)