Need Opinions, suggestions

Hey everybody, hope you’re all doing great.

So I had an issue with my past portfolio here in webflow so I decided to make a new one. I layed down all my ideas on pen and paper first and then tried them here in webflow.

I’m down to 2 “schemes”, one is the following With this, the issues that I have are that the features section doesn’t quite fit with the design IMO and that I can’t get the hover effects on my social media (tried browsing in the forums but wasn’t able to do it with the link block bg image way).

Then the second Idea that I had was to start off a video hero image with a slogan and a CTA, followed by a page with a full height left aligned menu, and blog-like blocks with my projects.

Everybody’s opinions or tips are very welcome, since I’m too new to coding scripts, I haven’t been able to do it outside webflow, and neither do I want to.



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Hey @JohnnyDoe lovely website just a suggestion for your issue with the hover you can use Font Awesome


Hey @Ahmadz839, thanks for the input. How would you use those in webflow?

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Here is how to do it as explained by @DRE in another topic

Using Font Awesome with Webflow.

  1. Download the Font Awesome Icon Set.

  2. Extract the fonts folder to your desktop or chosen destination.

  3. Login to Webflow and click on the site you want to edit

  4. Go to the site settings (the house icon on the top left)

  5. Click the fonts option

  6. Upload the fonts under the “Add Custom Fonts” area and add them.

  7. Go to the Cheatsheet section of the fontawesome website. I do a ctrl+f to find the name of the font faster.

  8. Find the font that you want and make sure to highlight the icon. The right-click and copy the icon.

  9. Go back to webflow.

  10. If you have a div box or text box etc, select it and give it a class under the style option at the top (the paintbrush). Type what you want under “current selector”.

  11. Scroll down to “Typography” and set the font family to the FontAwesome font that you uploaded previously.

  12. Paste your icon into the element (div, textbox, etc).

I think that the site is very good and super clean! Great job. :smiley:

The only feedback I have is to turn down the brightness a little on the hero section. Try adding a black gradient with an adjusted opacity. :wink: