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Need Opinions / Ideas

Hey there!,

Hope everybody’s doing fine. I’m John and I’m a newbie to what’s design in general (at least professionally speaking) and I’d like some opinions and any type of criticism that you’d have.

This is a design I’m still working for my own professional portfolio:

And here’s a Couple screenshots of some templates/Icons I’ve been working on:



Every comment is appreciated.



Access to your 1st link is denied, unfortunately. So it is hard to tell anything :flushed:

This one should be working!.

Well :slight_smile:
I like idea, colors and idea with half transparent buttons.

Unfortunately, I see there still some issues:

  • you are using too big images, which is not necessary, but they are making scrolling pretty heavy. You can use some services for compress images (if you still want them with big dimensions) or make it smaller.

  • this icons a little bit confuse me :pensive: they all different styles and all together looks like not aligned at all

  • not sure if it is idea or issue: buttons in testimonials section moves to the right when you click on it

-something wrong with interactions on buttons in the intro section, a little bit jumping on hover and when site is loading there is only 1 button appears, later goes another one

Thanks for the insight, for the tabs it was intended. Although I’m mostly using a mixture/blend of trends i wanted to vary a bit. Couldn’t think of anything “cleaner”.

Hi! I also really like the idea and the colours, you have two different visions happening at once. Here’s some stylistic suggestions to help it be clearer:

  • As Sabanna also suggested, I think it would be a really effective decision to stick with one style for the icons (I like the ‘Stylish’ icon the best for the site).

  • There needs to be some context around the grid of pictures, since they are not responsive and I’m not sure why they are there, maybe a title or a hover effect that explains their purpose.

  • The purple triangle pattern at the bottom is really visually striking, but it also appears disjointed with the rest of the site. If you keep that panel white, it connects that block to icons panel, and you now have more contrast for the contact panel below.

Again, I think all of your separate elements are beautiful, it might be a good idea to save them for other websites so that this one is more visually defined.

Thank you aswell emily, just know your opinion is very valued. And I also like the style separately too.

I do agree the icons don’t match, but I actually did that on purpose so I could see which people reacted the better to.
I also think that the "testimonials background is a mismatch there. But leaving it white didn’t feel right for me.

Regarding the images, they are suppossed to be lightboxed showcasing my projects (which haven’t been uploaded yet) so they are bound to have hover animations, but i haven’t added them yet.

Being so new to the world of desing in general (professionally speaking ofc) I am pretty busy with everything i have to learn and improve. That’s why I really appreciate both of you taking your time to respon to my thread.