Need my Slider to start at the last slide and go backwards

Hello fellow-flow-ers!

I’ve created a slider that is essentially a timeline which needs to start at the here and now and work backwards.

In other words I’d like the last slide to be shown first (without a righthand arrow) so the user can only go backwards (to start with)

After that the can move forward or backwards unless they hit either end.

Here’s what I’ve got so far - Regis Capital Fund | Key Features (scroll down to Historical Performance)

So if you were to go backwards one slide - that’s the slide I need to start on.

Any help appreciated

Cheers, Col

If you’re wanting to use the Webflow slider, just set it to hide the arrows at the end.

You can use SA5 to select the last slide;
On page load, instantiate an SA5 slider object for your slider, and use the goToLast method.