Need JS expert to fix Isotope Masonry, etc

Hey guys,

I am building a personal website for a non-profit I am starting and I am having a little trouble getting my Isotope grid to cooperate with some of my other scripts. Simply put the layout doesn’t initialize until the window is resized or one of the filters is pressed. I’m probably only a couple of lines away and the task is really simple but I am a beginner with JS.

It’s difficult to reach outside of Webflow because a lot of coders aren’t interested in navigating a new platform.





The isotope I have works with my button filters, search, etc. but it doesn’t seem to recognize the click of my dropdown to rearrange the list to fit.

The same happens when I switch to a different page on my site. All elements are stacking up and to the left unless the window is resized or a button/filter attached to the grid is pressed.

If you are interested in helping let me know and I’m sure we can work something out. I don’t have a lot of money but I can offer something.

Hi Kyle,

Can you share a preview of your website from webflow?