Need Immediate HELP! Use of Field in Embedded element

HELP!! I need to be in production in 3 days and can not figure this out.

I AM NOT an experienced JS programmer and will need an example to follow.

I have a text field on the WebFlow page that contains the correct value I need to use prior to my embedded script element. This field is NOT in a form. I will be making this text field hidden so that the user will not see it. As it stands right now, I am consistently receiving the value that I need in this field.

Because it is a text field, I can only reference it by it’s ID (for this example: Fld01).

Can someone please provide me with an example of how to reference this field in an embedded JS script or tell me if this is even possible.


Not sure what you’re trying to do with the value, but here’s how you obtain it.
Stack overflow is historically your best resource for code questions like this, but chatGPT kicks SO’s butt on simpler questions these days.