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Need immediate help: Section anchors not working (for a simple 1-Page site)

Hello everyone,

I’m in desperate need for immediate help on this little issue:

  • I’m using a Navbar menu
  • In this navbar I’ve added links to sections (anchors)

The site would pretty much act like a One-page Layout website that you see everyday…

But unfortunately, even if it seem simple, it’s simple not working… and #shop and #contact don’t do anything.

Here’s the public link:

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Looks like you are doing 3 things wrong:

  1. you are using DIV blockes for your sections. You need to use section block…
    <img src="//"width="50%" height=“auto”>

  2. you need to give each section a Unique ID…

  3. You have to choose the Section Link option and in the drop down select the section you want to link to… (currently you have chosen the link option instead)


Hello @bryantay , @cyberdave

I fixed all you said:

  • Switched back the DIV to Sections
  • Added Unique ID
  • Fixed the Section Link for the Nav links

Also, there seems to have a bug in Webflow: I can’t add any style to the “Contact” section anymore. I tryied removing it and recreate it with no luck…

Public Link:

Your scrolling still isn’t working aparentenly because you have all your sections inside a DIV block named iOS container

Once i removed that Div block everything works perfectly… you have to drag your sections out of that block before you delete it… … but it Looks like you are using that div block to hold the large background image. use should use a fixed position image in your body section for that ( i believe) i’d have to play around with it to no for sure.

…and it looks to me that you have some styles in the contact section. ( the button, the text, etc) not sure what you keen.

Thank you Bryan!

I figured it out thanks to your tips and finally it’s working as expected!