Need Help With Website

Hi Everyone,

So a client of mine moved away from their old website company and we moved them to a new hosting platform.

However, turns out we can’t edit any of the pages and it looks like the site was made with Udesly and it looks like it links to Webflow. We don’t have an account with Webflow.

What can I do here? Should we create an account with Webflow and then I guess link the moved site to it so we can edit the pages?

I’m at a wall and looking for any help.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@MTand - Is this a Jamstack 11ty site or something else from Udesly? If you know your way around 11ty and have the src folder, you could rebuild/edit it in a code editor.

Understand that Udesly operates via a browser extension and provides access to the project via the dashboard/designer in Webflow. If you don’t have the project in Webflow, you would typically need to start over there if that is your planned destination.