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Need help with website design for Mobile Devices

Hi, I Spent a lot of time designing this website. Looks nice on desktop but looks bad on mobile devices. I want it too look just as good on mobile as on desktop. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Hello, @lm1280 nice site!

If you’d like I can do this for you, although making sure your site’s responsive shouldn’t take much time if you are a custom to the Webflow designer :slight_smile:

I would first start by clicking on the Tablet icon at the top center of the designer interface and perfect that, then move onto the mobile view.

Click on each element or use the navigator and make sure the padding, margin, height, and width is adjusted appropriately. I also see that you have one section built with a Column where it should really be built with just a standard container.

If you go over to your mobile view and adjust the Padding: Left and Padding: Right to 12px or so on your homepage instead of 200px left & right padding, the images will be responsive.

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much Scott. I appreciate the advice. I may ask you for your help as I’d rather concentrate on the artwork but I will try to make the changes you suggested.


If you ended up still in need of some help let me know. I made this in two hours yesterday.


Hi I am having trouble getting my thumbnail gallery to look right. I am not sure I have designed it correctly. Could you take a look at it for me. It’s the gallery on the bottom of the “Game Art” page. Thanks.

Which one of those is a webflow template?

Anyway, it’s easier to buy yourself a template! You can look a demo page of it, and understand how does it behave with different platforms and resolutions, i got my first adaptive template from Monsters, i can share a promo code with you for 10% off (h5e9m9yjvoznz554712v8rw66), and here is a link to the site If you understand how to manage it, it’s great, anyway you’ll get an endless suport for a purchased template :blush:, that’s why i love working with them! Good luck, and start learning bootstrap.