Need help with text boxes

I am trying to create this layout with text boxes in website and i am having trouble figuring it out. Can anyone help me please with a step by step , if they know it?

Thank you very much

You could insert a column component, then change it to 4 columns.

Then each column, give it a class “column”, and set position to relative and left padding to 60px.

Next, add a text block in each column, give it a class “alphabet”, set position to absolute, and align top left. Insert the letter “a”, and style the letter accordingly.

Lastly, insert the rest of the text.

THANK YOU for your help, I did it the only thing is that is not responsive the letters go on top of each other when it is on the other devices! any advice?

Thank you

and when i try to write the rest in the text i need it to be smaller. but it makes all the letters smaller the a b c d …
here is my public link if it helps

Change .alphabet line-height to 0.85em, width to

Desktop: 3.5vw
Tablet: 4.5vw
Phone (L): 3em

Give .column a min-height (100px will be fine)

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