Need help with Spacing issue

Hi guys.

How do I fix the spacing between the different artist here:


I would try to give .artister-cell a float:left

and the first section with the “headline: musik” a “clear: both”;

Hi @Nicholas_Loye,

Are you talking about doing this?

I have added a slight space between the artist blocks.

Hi @seank.

No what I mean is the spacing between the first row and the second row. I want it to be zero. No spacing around the pictures at all.

@Nicholas_Loye, First off awesome site, I really like it. What I did in the image (I know the top row is the same, I was only testing) was I created a new section and pasted your artist boxes in the new section. This allows (when you give the section a name) you to play with the sections heights. Therefore making them stack on top of each other.

Thank you so much @seank I appreciate your help.

You’re very welcome @Nicholas_Loye, feel free to tag me any time you need help.


Hi @seank I hope you can help me with another issue. I have to launch the page in a couple of hours. And I need an artist name to show on each artist as seen here.

However the issue is that it pushes down the artist text in the red box.

I need the artist name to be placed on top of each artist so the viewer can see which artist it is. When you then mouseover the red box with describtion will be showed above.

Do you get me :slight_smile: ?

here is the picture where you can see the red box is pushed down.

Just apply “position: absolute with z-index 2” to the name.
And a z-index of 1 on the bio.

Should be fine then.


Thanks @Daniel_Schultheiss. But how do i then move the name it down in the middle ?

Ah i forgot to name that:
Select the name (headline) positioned absolute and click this little Button:


Thanks alot @Daniel_Schultheiss i really appreciate your help

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Ohh one more question @Daniel_Schultheiss. How do I get another name on top of the artist to the right?

You mean another name within that box on the top right?

Well duplicate your “heading 1” called “artist name”, give that a second class
like e.g. “artist name up-right” and select these values:

(you dont have to set the position right to 10px. Just select whatever you want.
I just did that for presentation purpose).

It then looks like this:

Hi again @Daniel_Schultheiss no what I mean is that I need another name on the girl to the right. She is called “Ana Trolle” It has to be placed excactly like in the first column.

Oh I go tit. Easy.

First Select the element “Artister Cell”, go to the style selector and press the right icon.

  1. Then select “Artister Cell”

  2. Give them a style “position relative”
    (so all boxes get this style in order to place the name afterwards within that and display it absolute)

  3. Then just copy paste the name element from the first box within the second one. Change the name. Done.

Repeat step 4 for all the other ones.


p.s. it will be easier to hide all the elements called “BIO” until you copied and edited all the names. Because it is one level above the headline - it quite nasty when you try to select the headline and you ll always cant do it because of the div element above it

(-> BIO - DISPLAY none ---- edit copy all your names ---- -> BIO DISPLAY BLOCK)

Again thanks alot! @Daniel_Schultheiss

Hey @Nicholas_Loye, It seems you got this worked out sir. Sorry I didn’t see this earlier, I am on eastern time so I was well off in dream land when you wrote in.

Sorry again, and i’m glad you got it worked out!


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No problem at all @seank :smile: