Need help with spacing issue for sticky menu


I am a webflow newbie, and need some help with a sticky menu design.

I have a sticky menu which sits at the top as I reach that part of the page. And each of the links inside sticky menu are clickable, and they take me to the respective sections. But everytime I click on the link, the head of the resultant section gets cut. I am trying to find a way in which the section loads nicely below the sticky menu on clicking the links.

I have attached a screenshot for reference.

Hi @Sreya_Sarkar It is standard behaviour as navbar is by fixed taken out of standard element flow and section is aligned automatically to top. The simplest way how you can fix it by adding top margin and/or padding (depend on elements structure) on each section that is equal or bigger that navigation height.

This issue is very well described and solved on this forum many times, so before you post a request feel free to use search input field to look for issues with similar or identical problems to find solution.