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Need Help with Some Weird Interactions

I’m juuuuust about finished editing my site. Desktop/laptop version looks great IMO, but the mobile versions are doing a couple of weird things I can’t explain. My guess is it’s something to do with template features I edited without knowing exactly what I was doing. They look okay on desktop but are acting weird on mobile.

First example is on the home page. There are two sections just below the fold, one with a heading that reads “Account balances and job costs” and another that reads “Expenses, deposits, and bills.” These look great on desktop, but on both tablet and phone versions, there’s a huge blank space between them that I can’t explain.

Next example is the Features page. On mobile, the graphics are cut off. It’s kind of a cool effect, with just a sliver of the image showing to the right of the text, but it isn’t what I’m going for - I’d like for users to be able to see the actual images.

Finally, on mobile only, the navigation bar at the top of the screen turns into a button with a hamburger menu. Inside the hamburger menu is another button that I’d like to A) change the text of and 2) redirect to a different section on the page. I can’t figure out where the template is pulling that button from, though.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I’d really like to wrap up the structural and content editing so I can start working on replacing the placeholder images.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Andrew's Stupendous Project

Bump - still looking for some help with this issue. Here are a couple of screen grabs of the two issues I still need help with:

Question #1 example:

Question #2 example:

It occurs to me that #2 might just be the way the template is set up; if so, I can live with it. But the first one seems pretty clearly like a mistake on my part.

I actually have one more bonus question: On the Features page, there are a bunch of “cards” near the top with headings and some descriptive text. I’d like each “card” to link to the relevant section below. I’ve turned them into Link Boxes, but now all the text is underlined. How can I make it look like regular text (i.e. no underllines)?

hi @ADT2 here is response for your last part about the button as rest you have probably solved already.

Thanks, Stan. Actually, I haven’t solved any of it yet. Your video was very helpful in solving the hamburger menu button issue - I appreciate you taking the time to record and post it!
Now if I could just solve my layout weirdness (the first two questions above)…

hi @ADT2 I see that you have EDIT your request by adding example images. Here is video how you can solve these issues. One thing I didn’t mention in video is when you change style of element you should also check if this change is fine on elements with identical class on other pages of your site. The best you can do is to create unique classes that will be applied only on this particular element.

Thanks again for you effort, Stan. I really appreciate the help!

hi @ADT2 glad to help, if you do not have any other questions related to original topic feel free to close your request. :wink: