Need help with scrolling content over static background image

Hi folks,

i have the following problem: i embedded a custom form from jotform on a webflow-page and it shows up there as wanted, but as soon as i start scrolling the page, all scrolled content has a white background instead of showing the background picture as wanted. I think its only a small thing to fix, but i cant get around how to do this. I have attached the direct link, than you can figure out best what i mean:

I have made the picture a background of the “Section_Oben_reg” in which the container with the
scrollable form sits.

i also attached a screenshot on how the background has been implemented:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

[2]: Share a read-only link | Webflow University strong text

hey the read only link isn’t working, can you share it once again ?

Oh, sorry for that, here is the RO-Link:

The section’s max H is set to 100 vh and the form is longer than 100vh. That is why it’s scrolling out.

Hey mate,

thanks so much for looking into it. Yes, i set it to 100vh. to what else can i set the height, so that the
background won’t scroll out?

Thanks again!

I would suggest to reset all the height values to 100%. I won’t be able to publish the website so won’t be able to tell you the exact fix for this embed.

or can just leave the heights to default.

i tried setting the Overflow from “visible” to “scroll” and i think that might did it. Would be awesome i you would check back on that.

Here is the direct link of the published site:

that works. great ! that’s an smart solution.

Thanks for your help mate!