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Need help with responsive slider

Can someone tell me what’s up with the webflow?
Today I can’t do anything … All afternoon and I couldn’t make a slider, the images are not responsive and the grid is not working properly. I think I’ll cancel the payment and make a claim because it seems to be full of bugs …

Last year I made this site in Webflow ( and have hosting and CMS. It works great… Now I can’t make simple aligns of objects. Don’t understand why some times I do the same command the same way and the result is different. Try to work in Safari and Chrome but its the same.

Send email a few days for webflow team suport and they dont’t tell nothing until today.


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Hi @Fausto,

Could you describe more the issues you encounter ?
For your slider’s grid you may want to try 100% instead of 100vw.
For images you may want to try contain or cover mode depending the scenario.

I’ve been using Webflow for over 2 years now and apart for few open bugs well-known by the community I can’t see what you’re meaning.

The second section is a slider within a grid inside. It looks horrible on mobile landscape. Some times when I’m working the top image (poster) moves it self alone, becames other size…
Don’t understand whats happen… It looks like a Bug…
VERY, VERY DISAPOINTING with Webflow, because is a expensive platform with great features like CMS, Animations … but it’s full of bugs… They say that no code require, but for always have some code… :((

Yeah mobile landscape can be finicky design-wise. You may want to try pixel values rather than 100vh for that instance. But it’s generally difficult to keep content planned for vertical ratios as fullpage on mobile landscape without a lot of tweaking with grids, however it’s just how css works. It tends to be a little more difficult with the market evolving to 21:9 aspect ratio. Lot of horizontal space but not much vertical space left.

With a little bit of tweaking you can change the grid layout to a 2 column style that would be more appropriate for mobile landscape.

@Fausto I’ve had the best luck making responsive sliders by placing images as a background in the slide. And as @ColibriMedia said, set it to contain, position center and do-not-tile. Setting a vh for the over-all slider produces good results in mobile.

Although looking at your site, it’s beautiful and seems to look great on all screen sizes.

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Try to work on incognito mode (if you are the only one reports about micro-bugs maybe this is related to your browser environment - plugins and so on)

Webflow not full of bugs (The opposite is true - very stable system works like magic).

By the way sometimes this is CSS wrong implementation issue (not related to webflow).


Ok I will try…
Thanks a lot.

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It seems that in incognito mode works faster and better…

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Maybe you should try clear your browser history (cache included), since it work in incognito.

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