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Hello Every one,

i have an issue with recaptcha on the website , here are the two links , on this link i can see recaptcha : and the other link is :, i cant see the recaptcha widget, please have a look at it and let me know me know what could be the issue. @cyberdave

Thank you

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Hi @OGpmc, thanks for the question :slight_smile: I took a look, and it seems that in the form that has the url, the script for recaptcha is looking for the form with ID #email-form

The script on the url is also looking for the form with ID #email-form, but the form on the page has the ID set to wf-form-Vegpro-Web-Enquiry.

I think the solution is either to change the ID in the script to be wf-form-Vegpro-Web-Enquiry, or change the form to have ID email-form.

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to assist further :slight_smile:


Thank you for addressing the issue, but the issue still remains, i have changed the email ID as you suggested but i still cant see the widget of recaptcha on the site, can you please suggest me what can i do now.

Hi @OGpmc, thanks for getting back in touch.

Where did you get this recaptcha code?

How did you add it to the original page to begin with, and did the custom code come with any instructions?

I have no idea why the recaptcha is not on the target page, but if you can help to answer those questions, it will help to check that.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Dave,

The recaptcha code was given by one of my friend, i exported the file from webflow and i used Dreamweaver to insect the code, the works works fine on , but i dont know what is the reason due to which the recaptcha is not showing on, if it does work then its a different issue but at least the widget should be seen. Please let me know how can i FIX the issue.

Thank you

Hi @OGpmc, I took another look, and the original site has this line in the form, just before the google script embed:

      <div id='html_element'></div>

On Original Site:

On new page:

This element above is used in the script, I would check that. For faster help with this, I might suggest to hire a javascript coder to help get this implemented.

Very helpful for anyone will be step by step instruction from the original developer how the code should be implemented for the site.

Thank you dave, it works fine now. It was a great help.

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