Need Help with preloader interaction

Hi I have been trying to figure out how to replicate the line effect in the opening preloader from the webflow Constructorz template. As you can see from the original link, the line originates from the center and extends both ways, but on my site, I can only get it to start from the top and run to the bottom (2nd link). I have tried everything but I don’t understand how to get the line to originate from the center and extend both ways.

Webflow template:

My site:

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hey @Ari_Malka please provide a read only link

Can anyone help with this?

Trying to figure out how to set a preloader interaction for a line to extend from the center like in the link above

Bump, still trying to figure out how to create an interaction where a line forms in the middle and extends both ways