Need help with positioning tab buttons above tab panes

How can I make the tab menu buttons appear over the tab panes instead of next to them?

How can I make the pane menu tabs into icons instead of text?

Are there any general videos or resources on making beautiful tab panes (other than


Here is my public share link:

Hi @michmeagher, Great question!

To get your tab menu to display above the tab panes, try re-ordering your elements using the Navigator and update the positioning of them using the Style Manager.

To make your tab menu buttons appear as icons, drop an image in each tab menu wrapper.

As for making tabs beautiful, try following along with any of the full-length website tutorials and you’ll definitely find it useful for learning how to design for the web:

This somehow fixed itself…! Is the Navigator where I can see the order of all the elements? How do I change the positioning on the Style Manager (I can see how to change the order of the tabs but not how to make them above, below or to the side)?

Do you have a particular time reference for the video, a particular bit to watch? Sorry I know that sounds really lazy, I am just really pushed for time and while I would love to watch the whole tutorial I don’t think it will happen today :frowning:


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