Need help with "Paginate items" in mobile Version - strange


I need your help with a section.
I have a collection list with ratings and have packed them into a grid.

I always want a rating to be displayed and you can see the others with the buttons “forward” and “back”.

This works very well in the desktop version, but the principle fails in the mobile version.

If I now press “forward” on the mobile phone, the browser reloads the whole page and starts at the top of line 0.

This is very impractical and doesn’t serve the purpose. I would like the ratings to be always visible.

Who can help me?
It concerns the Section 2

Thank you

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Take a look at this forum topic @FromMuc Seamless pagination with "pjax" . There’s some custom code that’s needed to stop the page reloading.

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thanks, working perfect!

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Happy to hear that @FromMuc. Feel free to open a new topic whenever you’ve got another issue come up.