Need help with my mobile menu

Hi all! I need some help here. Anybody know why my mobile menus just scroll forever?

Hey @WeStriveApp !

What I would do is:

  • Set a Max Height of 100VH on (Mobile Nav Menu) on Tablet/Mobile
  • Set Overflow to None on (Mobile Nav Menu) on Tablet/Mobile
  • (Optional) Set Position to Fixed on (Header) on Tablet/Mobile

This sets a hard limit to your nav menus length so it doesn’t go on forever, hides anything that would go over that ( When you open features it gets quite long )

Hopefully this helps you approach your design goal. If you need more help please let me know :slight_smile:

Have a good day,


Hey Sean,

for some reason that didn’t work. It still scrolls forever for some reason.

Thank you for the help!

@WeStriveApp Maybe I miss understand. The rest of your site does scroll behind the menu because the menu is set to be fixed to and stay with the screen.

If you want the nav menu only at the top of the page.

  • Set Max H to 100VH on (Mobile Nav Menu)
  • Set Position to Absolute
    The result will look like this (Scrolled down a bit to show it staying at the top):

If you want no scrolling at all while the menu is open.

  • Put all of your sections and your footer in div and name it something like (Content Wrapper)
  • Add a new interaction to the (Menu Button) (Mouse Click(Tap)
  • On first click - Make a (Hide/Show) Action with a .75 sec delay (to account for the sliding in animation) with display set to (None) and effecting the newly created (Content Wrapper)
  • On Second click - Make a (Hide/Show) Action with a no delay with display set to (Block) and effecting the newly created (Content Wrapper)

Hopefully either of these options will be more effective than my last solution for you! If they don’t a screen capture of the issue you are trying to get resolved would be a tremendous help. Either way I here happy to help :slight_smile:

Have a great day,


Hey Sean, my apologies! It worked and I figured it out this morning.

I had a busy day and forgot to reply to you. Thank you for the help

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That’s is fine man I understand busy days! I myself was just now able to sit down and get back to you. On a side note your website looks awesome, I really like the graphics!

Thank you man! I really appreciate that.

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