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Need help with my button image position/view/style on macbook pro 13" or 17"

Hello, I have a question about my website on webflow.
I built a website and I put a button named Campfire outside the container, when I open the website in a big iMac I’m able to see the whole page (including the button), but when I open in my macbook pro 13’’ or 17’’, I’m not able to see the campfire button.

I’m currently using Safari 9 as a Browser.

How can I solve that problem?

Thank you,

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

The public link isnt working however it looks like its sitting outside the container div. use your Navigator to move it into the container div… it will probably push a few things around. You may have to play around with your design :slight_smile:

Hi @thaisaborges, thanks a lot for the post. Is there any way you can share that read-only link to the site? It is pretty hard to diagnose the issue from the screenshot alone :-/

If you have the published site link, that may help too, if you do not want to share the read-only link to the site in design view.

If you have already removed the button, you would need to put that back, so that we can observe the issue and try to help get that fixed :slight_smile:

Are you setting it with absolute positioning within the section div? If so, it may be disappearing “below the fold” on smaller displays.

You might want to try setting it to “position: fixed;” with the “bottom: 0;” and move it outside the div so that it’s parent is the body.

Let us know how that works.


Ok! Here is my Read-Only Link! :smile:

Thank you Dave!

Hi @thaisaborges

Were you able to try Jfly’s suggestion?

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