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Need help with moving elements inside a column

I have multiple items within a column. Scroll down to Sneak Preview on my website ( As events happen, I need to move boxes around. Currently, I don’t see a way to do this other than to manually move all the elements from box to box. Is there an easier way?

If you could try posting your public link again, I could get a better Idea of what is going on. How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Based on what you have said so far, would suggest using the navigation panel on the left side of the designer to move content into different elements. When you move one element any nested elements move with it making it the fastest method I know of.

Here you go:

Any help would be appreciated.

The easiest way to manage moving your content around in the ‘Sneak Preview’ section is to add a div block to each section and then put the content of each column into the div. Once that is done, going forward all you have to do is use the navigation panel to move the div into the right column.

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Thank you for your help. Not sure it’s exactly the solution I was hoping for, but appreciate the guidance.

Hi @chrisgreer33, I am happy to help further, but I am not really understanding what you are trying to accomplish if the solution from @Davidn does not work or is not the solution you wanted… how do you want it to work?

Cheers, Dave

I messed around more with DavidN’s suggestion using Div Blocks and it worked. I guess I didn’t fully comprehend what was being explained at first. Thanks again guys.

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