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Need help with modal interaction


how to connect the button “join now” to the popup form like your demo (
here my issue :

as you can see the text is going to the left after clicking, how to fix that ?

here the designer link :


Here is my public share link:

(how to access public share link)

Hello, @Shmouel

  1. in the interaction “Donate btn interaction” you should use option “Affect different element” and connect the modal wrapper, which contain the form that you need.

Also, the same issue with close interaction.


cool thank you. The pop up appearing now but it doesnt close.
Please what should I do with the “with close interaction” ?

You should make it affect the same modal wrapper.

I’m so sorry but I don’t get yet all those parts of webflow yet (I’m new).
Coul please screenshot the process ?

Here is video screencast:

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you are amazing Anna, thank you so much !

If you want a easy way to share screencast :
very usefull :wink:

Thanks, @Shmouel
I will probably try… when they will make it available for LINUX users :wink:


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