Need help with mobile version

Hello everyone,
I am brand new to Webflow. I started designing my website this week and hit a roadblock with formatting the mobile version. Can anyone advise what was done incorrectly?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Welcome to the forum vraymond!

Could you elaborate further on what you mean with formatting the mobile version? Which specific element or section needs improvement?

I’m guessing you want to prevent the long height in the first section. If so, I’d recommend changing the 100% to Auto!

Hi Rory- Notice the primary image is at the bottom. If you look at the desktop version vs the mobile version it’s totally not the same.


I’ll try to get you on the right path, but I’m afraid the issue lies in the base structure of how the section has been build up; which will take many steps and fiddling around to explain.

What may help you out is giving the image a position: absolute and making it stick to the bottom of the first relative parent element. This would be CF | 1140px wrapper 2.

Then give that wrapper a height 100% and a bottom padding of 80%

Hope this helps!

I spoke too soon. I was able to get the mobile version updated but now the desktop version got affected.

Im wondering if I should I just delete the component and add it again.

It might be best to use a back-up from when it worked, and then apply the changes i suggested on mobile landscape for example!