Need help with making mega menu responsive using grid

Hi, I’m hopelessly stuck on my first project trying to build a mega menu and i’m having issues with mobile portrait mode. I’m using Grid and i was hoping after the 2.0 recent release it will solve my responsive issue but i can’t get it to work like it does in tutorials. And switching from grid to flex box and making changes on mobile also breaks my desktop design which I thought
is not supposed to happen. “Commercial” category is most obvious with 5x3 grid on desktop looks very wrong on mobile. Any help/advice would be appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Oh wow… ok. So this is almost too much to explain here on this post. I would suggest personal help instead. You don’t need grid for something like this. Also I noticed that even before you get to the dropdown states for the mega menu that your navbar actually needs work first. You also have interactions that are inconsistent at times. For example you click on one nav item/link and then click another which will close the mega menu. So that would need fixing too. It’s a really big task. A lot goes into it.

There is just too much to cover. That’s a really big task for your first Webflow project lol. Not impossible but a lot to take on for a first project. I can help… I just can’t do it on here.