Need help with link boxes + blog posts

Hello everyone. I’m currently new to Webflow and I’m having issues with link boxes.

When I go to link settings and choose the page where I want the link to go all my link boxes get directed to the same page.

Can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong here? Thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Can you provide your read-only link when requesting help - we can then give specific advice for your settings :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s my link. I appreciate the help.


Hi @Nelson_Gaitan

It all appears to be working fine for me - each nav link goes to it’s designated page in preview mode. Is it working ok when published on the weblfow .io domain too ?

Actually, I mean the link boxes for the blogs, not the nav links.

Each link box I want it to go to a specific page, but whenever I choose the page for one link boxes it directs all the links boxes to the same page. How can I make each link box go their own separate pages without directing all of them to the same page?

Ah ok, for this setup, you need to change things a little…

If you are going to create your blog posts as static pages, that row of blog links will need to be static too - not a collection list. The reason is the link in a collection list is designed to go to the ‘current’ item’s link dynamically.

However…the more efficient approach would be to abandon the static blog post pages, and style your purple ‘Blog Posts Template’ instead - ready to receive the data from each blog post. As you create a new blog post, that template produces another dynamic page automatically and populates the data.

Looking at the static blog pages, you can pretty much copy and paste that to the purple ‘Blog Psts Template’ and bind the images, rich text, etc to the ‘current’ post.

Then you would link your blog links to the ‘current’ blog post:



Thank you I got it!:+1: