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Need help with lining up column and row pictures

I am a total noob with designing sites, I got a template and have been adding my content, my issue is when I am working, everything signs up good but when I preview the site the grid pictures on the home page are all misaligned. I am not sure what to do. If there is any way to help, Im sure it is a simple fix and Im missing something. Thanks in advance.

Here is my public share link:

They appear just fine to me. What browser are you using, and could you post a screenshot of the pictures showing up misaligned?

This is what I am seeing when i preview. I am using safari on mac

Ah! What’s happening is your Outdoor Signage cell only has one line of text, and all the others have two except for Custom T-shirts, which has three. You’ll have to work with your text to get them to be basically equal length.

What I would do, would be to remove the rows/columns within Column 2 and set that up as a flex box with children wrapped. That way you can have them all automatically adjust their height.

great. I will work on that, i may need some help later on if i mess something up. Thanks!

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