Need help with IOS/Safari wrong display

Hi everyone!

my website is not displaying correctly on IOS devices…it’s only a few elements, but I never had these issues until now.

These are the 2 elements I’m having problems with:
Android (Completely fine):


It’s the logo and the number color that it’s not displaying right.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your time!

I had the same issue with the phone number, I think Safari detects phone numbers and restyles them to make it obvious you can press to call.

I used this workaround:

Also think I had the same problem with the logo on another site as well. I put in a max height and it fixed it

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Thanks Mathew!
Tinkering with the logo image currently with no luck, but will use this workaround for the phone number asap!

Appreciate it!

Just in case you didnt see my edit, try putting in a max width/height on the logo, I had the same issue as well, that fixed it.

Thanks Mathew, you solved both of my issues!

Much appreciated!