Need help with integrating Stipes "SOFORT" banking on Webflow

Hello everybody,

i have set up STRIPE + Paypal and connected it to my webflow-shop. Everything is working fine.

I now wanted to integrate a very popular german payment method: SOFORT banking. But I keep struggling since I have little code knowledge apart from html/css…

I do not even understand how to integrate Stripe to my shop like written here ( - for my understanding I already linked stripe to my shop via the interface in the designer…

Is there someone who can help me set up SOFORT on my shop? Or has a more detailed / beginner friendly guide on how to do so?


I M freelancer and also trying to do the same. But not found the right way. for more detail you can whatsapp + 92 3029793790

Webflow only supports Stripe and Paypal plus digital wallets at this time. If another payment provider is required then you would need to use a third-party commerce solution and not Webflow’s.

There is NO possibility to implement other payment solutions? Not even with custom code? That hits hard…

@Honigdachs , the stripe link you are reffering to is a server-side implementation of the stripe sofort solution maning you’d need a server to make it happen. You could try a client-side implementation if your setup allows it but you will have to setup and manage all of your products within the stripe dashboard and ditch webflow ecommerce setup entirely. You could also look at which offer webflow implementation of their ecommerce solution which might offer a sofort payment gateway.

Thank you very much. Sad to hear that :-S Dealbreaker for many of my german clients.