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Need help with image swap on click

Awesome @samliew

I decided to make an adjustment to one of my projects.

My setup is basically a PHP page that pulls data and images from sql server.

I had 1 large static image that would dynamically insert the selected image into the place holder

  • based on what the user selected.

I hadn’t thought about using the JS Find method that you used…

  • so I switched it over to the Find method and Webflows Slider (instead of static place holder).

Both examples dynamically load the images from a database.

For me - the ability to load the images on the fly is the most important. This project is pretty much a 1 page template that handles 400k+ images.

Thanks a lot for the idea ! :slightly_smiling:

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Hi did you manged to make a demo ?

Hi Sam still having some trouble with this could you please help

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