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Need help with horizontal scrolling interaction. Willing to pay for help

I try it for the second time! a typical friday job :grinning:

I want a photo collection horizontal scrolling…
if anyone can fix the problem, 100,- dollar for him or her!

Its a project collection:


i promised it my client… an after spending a few hours i think i can not do it myself…


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HI @Koen,

Not sure but that might help :slight_smile: Working with interractions ?

Hi Antony, i did these staps but they are not working 100%!

Shoot, I’ll take that challenge :grin:

Which page and section is the exact problem? And that read-only link isn’t working. I’ll take a look this morning for ya now.

its working again!

Section Gallery in collection “Projecten”

Oki doki I’m going there now… alright there’s 2 photos… what you trying to do?

There are 8 photo’s in that collection, i ant them see see while scrolling horizontal.

So you wish to be able to scroll left and right on to see those gallery images?

Yes, like this one:

Oh! Ok give me like 20 minutes I got this

Ok so, I have it so when you scroll down the pictures move left to right. It just isn’t sticking in place. Give me a couple more minutes

No you won’t PHRyan… heehee… aww man did you beat me to it?? No, no I answered first :rofl:

I promise you won’t be able to fix it!! Wanna bet 100??

Ha… @Koen

You have 3 problems, but I’d need to get your permission to fix so I can WIN. :blush: :grinning:

Fix it both… the first one is getting $100 the second $50? :sunglasses:

You can’t… it can’t be done like this… ha. I wanna see if ryan will admit it first. But I know what the problem is already. I was teasing - you don’t have to pay me… just ribbing ya.


Haha… naw…

  1. You’re interactions needs to have the “Gallery Track” as the target. There’s an exclamation, so it’s not seeing the interaction.

  2. Yep I was gonna say, you’d have to allow someone to login and test, otherwise we can’t do it.

Yeah that was the first obvious solution

But I can’t see if it works while sticking or not because I can’t publish it with the custom code

Record the screen, i can do it… and we will see if it works!