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Need help with horizontal scrolling and making it responsive

Hi, I was going thru many forum topics and was trying to resolve issues on my website but nothing seems to help.
Here’s a preview of the website:
the actual website is here:
Basically, I wanted to do a whole website on horizontal scrolling with ability to use touchpad, mouse wheel and keyboard arrows. My friend wrote a code and we found a solution to paste image links into “html” div but something is being off because from time to time when I refresh the page it’s only showing first images which fit the screen and the rest gets lost, so you have to refresh several times to get it to work properly, i even had complaints from the clients, that there’s only one image in the section - obv, they dont know that they need to refresh.

as you can see, there’s still some place left on the right side and it’s not scrolling when the page is loaded like this. This is my first issue.
A 2nd issue is very minor - the code section seems to be set too low, the height is at 75% now and when i was trying to change it to 600px it was even lower, in designer it doesnt let me bring the whole section higher.

My 3rd big issue is that i’m not able to make this code work responsively, as well the sliders i used for the videos wouldn’t load properly on mobile at all.

I don’t know much about coding so if somebody could help with a step-by-step solution preferably with screenshots - that would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hello @neeveedamo

First of all, to me your site is opening with all pictures, from 1st try. But there is still huge horizontal overflow when mouse is hovering pictures area. (I used keyboard arrow.)

When I opened your Webflow project I found that div, which is wrapping html code, set to zero height and html block should get 100% of that height… But it is zero.

If you want to keep html block height in %, I would recommend make wrapping size in pixels instead of “auto” and put maximum height auto or sime pixel size.

Hope other guys can explain you about code issues, because I am not so good in coding, unfortunately

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