Need help with full screen menu

hi all

i need help with my custom full screen nav. the problem i have with the mobile version of it (tablet and below).

i created an interaction so that if ‘contact us’ is clicked, it would

  1. close the full screen nav (fs-menu)
  2. change the lottie icon back to 0
  3. open up a div block (contact modal)

this is working as expected, but the problem i have is when the contact modal is closed
(either with or without filling up the form).

after contact modal is closed, if i try clicking the hamburger menu again, the full screen nav is not appearing anymore. on click, the lottie icon animate as it should but the menu is now not appearing. can someone help to point out where it went wrong and what should i do to fix? thanks a lot.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - KLPD2

live =

i managed to fix this. solution is to use the mirror click event by finsweet