Need help with form submission

Hey! I need help with making my form to collect the responses.
I’ve created a form (used pre-made Relume item and adapted it, if I remember well). For the form submission collection, I want to use (it’s mentioned in Webflow university), I’ve completed all steps according to their instructions. Also, added their link to projects form’s settings (Action field).

Now, trying to submit the form, the cta doesn’t work and by inspecting it, it shows some java which I don’t understand, basically that it’s an error in console.

Could anyone please take a look at it and give any advise on how to possibly fix the issue? Not sure if there’s supposed to be any java at all, as I was assuming the Form was created by using the item on Webflow. Thank you very much in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - ilonadzen

Hey! Java and Javascript are 2 totally different languages that a part a bit of the name have nothing in common. (Java doesn’t run inside browsers)

But said that, the issue is not with Javascript, you have a select that is hidden by style that is actually set as required, if you don’t need that select remove it completely do not hide it only!

Thanks for your quick response! Could you please be a little more specific about which part you’re speaking for the “select”? For the checkmarks and radio buttons, I just checked and saw that they aren’t marked as required…

check the first element with the class uui-form-field-wrapper

Oh, it actually worked!! Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile: