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Need help with Flexbox styles and site layout

This seems like a bug to me so please bear with me. I have a page on my site that has worked fine for months. Recently with the introduction of Flex to Webflow the page loads fine - then it falls apart as soon as you move the cursor or attempt to scroll.

Here’s a link:

I have been starting to use Flex on a couple of pages so I’m wondering if there’s any effect from that?

In order to try and solve the problem I rebuilt this particular page in Flex and the layout still crashes. -

Help please! Am I doing something wrong?

Preview link:

Hi @heyward, thanks for reporting this, I am sorry for the trouble. I am here to help.

Could you please share the browser version being used and the operating system ?

Could you also help to describe what “falls apart” means? I opened the link provided, but I could not see any issues at first look. Thanks in advance!

Hi @cyberdave! Thanks for getting back to me.

I’m on OSX and the problem happens in both FIrefox and Chrome. Basically the page loads fine and then as soon as I more the mouse or try to scroll the layout goes crazy. The footer section goes to the top of the page and the content shifts to the right.

Oh and my client on PC/Windows experiences the same thing.

Let me try and attach a screen shot here:

What version of Chrome and Firefox do you use?

Chrome is Version 51.0.2687.0 canary - Firefox is 45.0.2

My client is experiencing something very similar with this page on a PC. He’s running Firefox, Chrome and Explorer.

Hi @heyward

As far as I can tell you have

that trigger your content-bg on hovered

which is shrinked its height to

I have no idea why it doesn’t produced same result in editor but you may investigate it more from there I believe.


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Thanks @pastiwibawa ! That was it. No bug. That transition must have gotten left on that section from some experiment. Whew! Relief…

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