Need help with Finsweet Attributes filtering

I have a site with a fairly robust implementation of Finsweet Attributes for filtering news content. My client has their content broken up into three different categories (articles, video, and podcasts). They want to be able to link from another page to a pre-filtered search on the news page (ex. I’m on the About Us page. There’s a link for Podcasts. You click the link, which takes you to the news page pre-filtered for Podcasts.). Is there any way to achieve this?

The documentation says to enable the “Show Query” option which when enabled allows you to see the parameters used by a filter. You could then copy the URL and use that as the link source on another pages button or hyperlink.

Give that shot. If it does not work I would seek help from them using their support tools.

Thanks. For some reason, reading your response helped me understand what the documentation was saying. Sometimes it’s just weird like that. Haha. I think I understand now.