Need help with Dynamic Data

Please view the following image. The grey box in the center with the images is dynamic data. For some reason the dynamic data does not stay in the column and spills out 10px on each side. Not matter what I try or do I can’t get the data to stay in the column. Please note that even if the collection is empty the content spills out of the column on each side.

I REALLY need to get this fixed. Can someone please help me? Thanks!

Public Link:

Page in question: Omega-Direct-Category

try giving the element, inside of your dynamic list wrapper, a class name. then you will see the -10px margin on the sides

I did see that. Even if I apply a class and try changing the padding nothing happens. Plus, would not -10 padding on each side bring the padding in, not out?

I think the negative padding is the issue. I’m just not sure why Webflow adds negative padding and more importantly, how to fix the issue.

I just tried it again. I tried adding a class and changing the -10px padding on each side and no matter what I put in the padding won’t change. I think the padding is being overridden in the webflow code or CSS. Perhaps with an important declaration?

I added padding, is that working for you? :slight_smile:

You can also set Ikll with Overflow Hidden

Please, let me know if there anyting more I can help with

Thanks for the feedback and help guys! I really appreciate the help.

OK, if you add 10 pixel padding to the dynamic item visually the overflow on each side is corrected. That’s great.

Here’s the thing, if you click on the Dynamic Wrapper or Dynamic Item and switch to X-ray mode you can see the content still spills over on each side. While we have corrected the issue “visually”, the content is still going over the column border on each side.

I don’t think this can be fixed.

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