Need Help With Design

Hey there so I have this section on my page that is a 3 tab icons you can click and it will have it’s own section of content in each tab. Here is a screenshot…

The first issue is the 2 top tab icons (where the white arrows are) the color is linked. So if I change the color of one it changes to the same color on the other. I don’t want this I want them to be separate colors. Lastly there are 3 tabs, you can see by the 3 icons. I want to add another tab and keep the same design template. However when I manually add the 4th tab it is empty it has no diamon icon and no content on the right. I also tried to just duplicate one of the tabs but when I do that it links the 2 and I cant edit them. Any tips?

Top 2 tab icons: You only posted a screenshot, but I would say it is likely you need to create a new class for the icons that need a different color. Otherwise they inherit the original class color.

3 tab icons: I do not see this.