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Need help with creating these interactions in webflow. If possible?

Hello dear webflow community,

I’m building a website and need to create a very similar interactions like on the exaple here:

I want to be able to change the image and heading on scroll, just like on the example and the layout to be static, the logo, navigation, menu etc… So just make the image and heading change like here. I need help structuring the elements properly if this interaction is possible in webflow.

I already tried with BG images and on scroll interactions but I had no success at all.

Thank you all.


@Sergej_Vavan - you should be able to do most if not all of these effects natively in Webflow using fullpage.js for the scrolling from section to section movement.

See this demo:

I will say what you are trying to do is going to take some time to plan and set up, but it should be achievable.

Thank you sam-g, I will check out this guide and try to figure it out. I want to make this work, as it is exactly something that I need on the project I’m working on so thank you for your help. :slight_smile: