Need help with creating sub folders

After I connected my hosting service with webflow I can not externally access any folder with file inside. For example: I did an email marketing and put it in a folder on the server and when I try to access it through the browser only the error page 404 appears. I can not have restrictions like this, can anyone help me?

Hi @Gustavo_Pimentel Can you give me a link to the issue?

Also, can you post your read-only link?

Thanks in advance

Maybe I was not clear. After I’ve set up my server to publish the site through Webflow I can not access images or folders that are on ftp. The email marketing link is:![43|690x469](upload://sCl4CHRGMSAMG3oronUGBedbBmq.png)

When I type in the browser this address appears the 404 error page.

Thanks for the link. Did you upload all of your Webflow files into the emailmk subfolder in your server?

My website is right. After I’ve done the integration of the server where the site is hosted and Webflow I can no longer access any folder or link that is not from the site.

I have an email marketing inside the emailmk folder and I can not access through the browser.

Sorry. I’m not sure if I understand correctly. Did you upload all of your Webflow files to your root folder or your emailmk sub-folder?

Excuse. I’m not sure I understood correctly. Have you uploaded all of your Webflow files to your root folder or your emailmk subfolder?

I publish my site straight through the same webfloe. On the publish button. The site is all right. I’m having trouble accessing any file that I put inside the ftp server. I did an email marketing and put it inside a folder. And I can not access it through the web browser. So the site is in the root folder … all right. I have no problem with that. My problem is the email marketing I made and I threw it in another folder within ftp. It pops up a 404 webflow error page, but this file has nothing to do with the site.

I want to know if the webflow after connected to the server makes some kind of block to any folder or file that is in the ftp that is not related to the site.

Hi there, thanks for the additional screenshots and information. Currently your custom domain name is pointing to our servers.

Because of this, you are not allowed to FTP into the Webflow servers. You can only publish pages/sites through the Webflow platform.

If you’re trying to create a sub-folder within your Webflow hosted site, check out this guide:

Hope this helps

I think what @Gustavo_Pimentel means is that the domain name was previously pointed to another server, which he previously uploaded files (via FTP) to.

Now that the domain name has been pointed to Webflow servers, the previous server is (obviously) no longer accessible via the domain name, so he’ll have to re-upload the files to Webflow (via Webflow designer or CMS) or elsewhere like a file-sharing service. Webflow does NOT have FTP file access.

I understand, I’m going to look for another place to leave the email marketing files then. Thank you!

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I know this post is crazy old, but i just wanted to know if theres a solution for this yet?

I have the same issue:

• My Website is pointing to Webflow via DNS
• I’m using webflow hosting because i need the CMS capabilities
• Since doing this, i can no longer access certain folders / directories on my server that i used to have

ie: my company HTML email signature images would be stored on the server:

These are no longer available to me. I realise that i can grab a URL from… but were concerned that some mail services wont trust the source, and block the emails.

Can anyone assist?