Need help with columns/flex layouts to stack alternate top and bottom than column allows?

Hi I am having difficulty in trying to stack columns the way I want. I want the search to be at the top and basket and burger menu to be below. Tried to use flex layout but just as confused, check both Home and Untitled pages for both of the attempts. Please help thanks, Sam

Screenshot is kind of what I am aiming for (although stupidly haven’t done a full mockup on figma)

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - mitaine)
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The solution to this problem is to use grid.
nav in one cell/ search in one cell and cart in another cell.
With grid you can reoganise everything the way you want at each breakpoint.
I have to say that grid are tricky at first, but super usefull when you master them.

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getting better result as we speak, bit tricky but it works, Thanks :grin:

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