Need help with classes!

Hi Guys i need help am new on Webflow. i m working on a CMS website it had a pricing tab on it with two options one with Monthly one with Annual the monthly tab button has a class name Sp-Tab-Link while the annual had Sp-tab-Default on it. the problem what i was facing is than when the page was loading up in live site the annual where shown in first so i wanted the monthly one to show so i was playing around with things and i just felt maybe it is somehow because of clasess? as their names indicated because Annual had Default on it so i thought it and what i did is i just removed the name and write it something mine and than when i go back to monthly button and try to write thhe class which i just removed from annual that is *sp-tab-link-Default. and when i type that it says already in use and when i go back and try to add that same to Annual now its saying same its already in use. now its not getting applied back into the element which it was. but it is getting applied as a Combo class while i want it to be back as it was because the problem which i was facing i got it fixed by settings their was the option to select just tab 1. so now i m stuck at this and facing bad i want the class to be back as it was. kindly help me

HI Mansoor, welcome to the forum.

To be honest, I’m confused already by the second sentence of your post. It’s probably not the best way to describe your problem here.

First you’ll want to share your readonly project link, and also a link to your published site. Make sure to indicate on which page and where exactly to look to find your problem.

Share a read-only link | Webflow University.

You’ll also need to detail the problem more clearly - what you’re trying to do and where it’s not working. A Loom video might be best for that.

Hey Memetican. yeah i understand maybe because of some damn frustration i couldnt explain it nicely am going to do a small video for that and maybe that will help to explain my problem. and i m attaching the image what i m facing after that when i just open my webflow i see all sites okay except this one shows this kind of error image while the site is inside fine the tag problem is on their but its working fine. what is it? why i see this white error messege on top of its thumbnail. thanks for quick response i really appricaite it.