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Need Help with chosing a plan

So, I have been searching through the forum and have read everything (I think) regarding the site plans and account plans and I am still not sure what to pick. I currently have a personal blog site that I am working on and have purchased a CMS hosting plan for that site. I also, I currently have a business website on another hosting provider but want to transfer it to web flow using a domain I already own. Do I need to pay for another site plan for this website or can I up grade my current plan to accomadate both my personal blog and my business site? The business site is my web design portfolio. I do not plan to provide hosting services for my clients right now but will do so in the future.


One site plan can only host one website. So you must have two site plans for two websites.

Thanks for the quick reply. Sad to hear that. I am guessing I will stay with my other hosting service as they will allow me to have multiple sites under one plan.

Right! It’s understandable that you’ll spend more money.

My current hosting service is not nearly as expensive. I have unlimited site hosting(plus cost of domains). Wish webflow would do that. I don’t mind paying more but there comes a point when the cost is unreasonable. I pay $100 a year for unlimited site websites each with separate domains (costing $10 - $14). 2 websites on the CMS plan with webflow would cost $384 a year plus domain renewal. I really like webflow think it isn’t suitable for someone who has several online businesses. Thanks again for you help jenn

You’re totally right! It’s not pleasant that they don’t has this simple service. Webflow would earn more if they fix this.

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