Need help with booking a call integration

Btw I ran into a problem, as my client is looking for similar integration to book calls, like the one that have in this website.

: Attached an image of integration I was looking for, mind if you give me some advice on those

Screenshot 2024-05-16 220428 (1)

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Basically you’d research platforms to find which have the feature set and pricing your like.
Typically that’s;

  • Booking a time slot on available days & timeframes
  • Creating the meeting link and emailing it to everyone
  • Automatically translating timezones, so the user can see schedules according to their local timezone
  • Optionally, integrating with e.g. Google Calendar so that it can see when you’re busy with other things
  • Optionally, capturing payment at the point of booking

Both Calendly and are popular, and provide all of the above features.

Thank you Michael. Are you able to recommend someone who can assist with developing this feature for the site? Thank you in advance

Hi Lee, I do custom programming and integration work, but tools like Calendly are quite easy to integrate. Unless you’re doing something special like CMS integration or special automations after the booking, I don’t expect you’d need much help.

If you have something different in mind, drop me a message ( click my name here ) with the details and any links you have to look at and I can send you my rates.