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Need help with Blog editing

Hello. I am editing a Webflow blog that a third party designer created for my company. I am running into a host of small issues like webflow auto-changing the size of my bullet points, my thumbnail image protruding off of the blog card, etc.

I have no experience with web designing, but I am a quick learner. Are there any guides for editing webflow blogs or troubleshooting minor issues? All I can find is how to create a blog website, not how to actually edit and maintain one.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @CGBlog

I guess the reason there are no troubleshooting guides as such, is because Webflow enables designers to build their blogs any way they like, rather than pre-built - hence the ‘how to create’ tutorials. (You can alternatively purchase templates, which come with support from their creator)

You are actually in the right place for a little troubleshooting - lots of problem-solvers here on the forum. Just post the precise issues, preview/share link (that’s in project settings - ‘share’) here and ideally the published link too - and we can take a look at what might be wrong.

Hope that helps

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