Need help with background video

Hey, so my first issue here is the background video: first off, I only see it playing when clicking on the published link, otherwise in designer mode it does not play even when viewed… Also, I don’t how to adjust it to adhere to the full screen. Is there a way to do that?

My second issue is figuring out how to keep a navigation symbol at the top of the page. I created a navbar symbol, however when I add it to other pages it adds to the bottom.

Third and lastly, some key tips in figuring out how to make it easy with the responsive design. So far, I’ve been toggling through the different device modes and manually moving and transforming items… Please tell me there’s a better and faster way?


Hi @rickythomas welcome to the forum!
Could you share your read-only link? Here’s how . That way we can take a look at your project and see what you’re doing :slight_smile: .

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Here is my read-only link:

Hi @rickythomas thanks for that read-only link. Now, I’m looking at your website and wondering, what video have you got as the background? On your homepage all I’m seeing is a background image.
2. I tried adding the nav bar symbol you made, I was able to add it to the top. When it’s displayed at the bottom for you, is it at the bottom or at the top in the navigator? That’s the order everything is normally displayed at.

3. the best way to do do this is indeed moving from desktop to tablet to mobile and adjusting as you go. Here’s an introduction video on that

Hey Sarah, thanks for your response. The background video is actually located within the ‘old home’ page.

Ah, found it! I was able to see the video fullscreen in preview mode, is this not the effect you’re going for?

Hey Sarah, I’m getting back to you kind of late I apologize, but for some reason the background video doesn’t show for me when I preview fullscreen… would you happen to know why?

@rickythomas are you using an ad-blocker? That could be a reason.

How would I find that out? Sorry haha

@rickythomas I’d assume that if you never installed them, you haven’t got any :slight_smile: . Unless someone installed any for you? If you’re in chrome, this is what it looks like at the top of a window.

Hmm… yeah I’m using safari. Thanks!

I have discovered a new phenomenon, which I’m not sure might be the cause

When going into publish mode, my screen looks like this:

Could this be my laptop?